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If you upgrade to a Premium Lorex Cloud Subscription, you will receive 30 days of video history, unlimited cloud storage and much more. Take control of your safety by discovering the benefits of a Premium Lorex Cloud Subscription, all from the palm of your hands. Other features are also available to free subscriptions with limitations.

Lorex Secure App Screen

With the Lorex Secure app, you never have to worry about your property and more importantly, your loved ones. The Lorex Secure app will stream live video from all your cameras on a single screen for easy viewing. Quickly review hours of recorded footage in minutes with the rapid recap function. The Lorex Secure app can also be programmed to receive instant alerts and notifications on your mobile device whenever motion is detected.

‎IP Camera Viewer 2 on the Mac App Store

So whether you're away on vacation or checking in on the kids after school, rest assured that the Lorex Secure app will keep you connected to the things that matter most. FLIR Secure lets you create custom groups of cameras. For example, you can easily separate your home and business cameras with this feature. View all of your selected cameras on a single screen. This handy feature allows for quick reference and monitoring.

FLIR Secure is the simple new app designed to keep an eye on the things you love, anywhere, any time.

Multi-camera CCTV software for the Mac

Stay connected with live remote video streaming, instant alerts and notifications, and quick access to recorded videos. The FLIR Cloud security camera app will compile a list of motion-triggered alarms, allowing you to quickly access and review the footage. FLIR Cloud can be programmed to send push notifications when your cameras detect motion. If your security system contains PTZ cameras, controlling the field of view of your security cameras has never been more straightforward with easy to use controls.

FLIR Cloud is the innovative software created for enhanced monitoring that lets you access your security camera system from anywhere, anytime. No need to stress over complicated configuration or registration - the simple set-up will have you remotely connected to your security device from your desktop, smartphone or tablet within minutes. Sit back and relax while you receive instant motion alerts, an e-map of each camera location and view live and recorded footage directly to your devices.

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Lorex Client 12 allows you to view your cameras live, playback and back up recorded footage and configure your DVR from a remote location. Lorex Client 12 is compatible with all of our DVRs including the edge mini, edge, edge plus. The software is available for download online. Once you have completed the installation of your Lorex Client 12 software, log in and complete the system setup before remotely monitoring the system.

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Our Amazing Apps Remote monitoring made easy. Premium Subscription.

Product Description

Subscription Plans Lorex offers two different cloud subscription plans for all security devices that are compatible with the FLIR Secure app for smartphones and tablets. Cloud History Timelines of motion and sound activity will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. Cloud Storage Security video footage will automatically be uploaded and stored in the cloud. Lorex Secure Future of secure monitoring. Lorex Client 12 System information when you need it.

The best CCTV software for an Apple Mac?

Lorex Cirrus view live and recorded videos. Through the device, the user can remotely view the camera via the internet in real-time and also playback the videos that have been recorded on the hard drive of the camera. Camera 1, 4, 9 and 16 can be monitored on the device. The app also supports search and playback of video surveillance footage recorded to the DVR's hard drive.

The following video demonstrates the capabilities of the iPhone DVR remote viewing app. Also note that the quality is even higher than how YouTube renders the video.

Best Free IP Camera VMS Software for Mac OS PC - Xmeye

For best quality it is recommended to enlarge the video by clicking the bottom right section of the video and change it to show in p quality. Mac users have two options for accessing their DVR remotely: The web browser access supports single camera viewing only. Users can select which camera they want displayed via a drop down box on the web page. The Mac software also supports remote playback of surveillance video that has been recorded on the DVR hard drive. The Android app can display 1, 4, 9, and 16 cameras on the screen. In addition to the live camera streaming, the app also has a search and playback feature which lets Android users watch surveillance video that is recorded on the DVR hard drive.

Users can also search and playback video that has been recorded to the DVR's hard drive. All Rights Reserved. Free shipping on all orders in the United States! Able to record in channels depending on model The camera can record real time on all the channels at 30 frames per second.

cctv viewing app for mac Cctv viewing app for mac
cctv viewing app for mac Cctv viewing app for mac
cctv viewing app for mac Cctv viewing app for mac
cctv viewing app for mac Cctv viewing app for mac
cctv viewing app for mac Cctv viewing app for mac
cctv viewing app for mac Cctv viewing app for mac
cctv viewing app for mac Cctv viewing app for mac
cctv viewing app for mac Cctv viewing app for mac

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