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Goodbye, Hillbilly Willy. Hello, T-Bone. As a result, Morning Flight , in which Willy requested to use while he was with the station, was reverted to Morning Wish. As a result, Saturday Hitback was phased out. After Holy Week, In short, it completely exited the Hot AC market. Most of the jocks were replaced with new ones, including Anne of Wave ; who left after around 2 months.

In addition to that, The Vault was replaced with Guilty Pleasures , playing only s music. Last March, Sgt. Pepper who left Retro a month before was appointed as Station Manager of Wave The Flow was revamped as a program to promote Pinoy Hip Hop. This is probably one of the reasons why Pepper moved to Wave. Last November, Their identity changed from Barkadooter to Kakambing to Bestfriend. This is another first in Philippine radio history.

Time to wrap things up. A blocktimer moves to a more powerful station with more programs.

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A Hot AC station kept on changing its identity looking for a better one in order to survive the stiff competition. Last March 28, Retro This station plays oldies, similar to its rival RJ Clark Daniel Razon. And its programming is almost the same as RJFM, making it its closest competitor. Speaking of Hence, the birth of If management thought that entering competition would be a success, it has happened the other way round.

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At this point, it was manned by around 4 DJs 2 of them which are retained , leaving the rest of the airtime with automated programming. This kinda reminded me of the old K-Lite before its reformat. They can listen through the internet or their cellphones. Last March 17, Retro Create a free website or blog at WordPress. PRR Part 2: Prior to this, the Oomph! However, its Top 40 brand was retained. Big Shoes to Fill in This is also the year 2 DJs have entered the competition between late night programs of mass-based stations.

But, the list goes on. PRR UFM Wish Wave PBA on Radyo5 Behance. It stunted by playing a mix of classic hits, smooth jazz which was also played by Dream FM and orchestra. On the other hand, MediaQuest manages Radyo5 This left Throughout the last week of June, plugs were aired on It later resulted to the station being sold to Ultrasonic Broadcasting System, Inc. The said purchase was consummated after Energy FM, a brand that used to air on At that time its station's transmitter facilities shifted from the TV5 Studio Complex in Novaliches, Quezon City to Strata Building in Pasig City; at the same time, it dramatically expanded into a hour broadcasting service.

Its programs and DJs premiered on July 4.

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Initially an hourly segment of Ray Mambo's Radioactive Countdown , it expanded into a 2-hour segment. On March 17, , the station launched its new tagline, Ang Sarap!

Ang Sharap! The new imaging, however, resulted to a different approach in its programming. Part of the big consequence was that most of the station's veteran jocks except Mr.


Fu were dismissed including Cathy G and DJ Mac; followed by hiring new jocks from other masa stations. Marketing Consultant Joee "Brother Joe" Guilas aimed the station to serve its listeners with a new menu of fun and entertainment, which was never heard on radio before.

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On March 20, , major changes occurred at the station as former Fu leave the station and transfer to On May 8, , former Yes FM Following significant listenership gains in the ratings, on October 29, , Gemperle was promoted as Energy FM's station manager. Energy FM was the first home station of Saved Radio which plays Christian music of praise and worship. Produced by Becca Music Inc. When the show transferred to DWET, it expanded into a four-hour radio show, then expanded to six hours a few months after.

However, it continues to operate as a blocktime show on Energy FM and not as a separate broadcaster. No other details were revealed except for its upcoming return by , yet the outcome of the FM relaunch is still unknown. As a compromise, though, Becca Music sets up an exclusive daily online streaming service on the Saved Radio website to allow loyal listeners of the program to continue listening on contemporary Christian music.

By New Year's Day , Saved Radio converted into an online radio service; while the Energy FM reoccupied the network's Sunday lineup, the first after two years though, it continues to inform listeners on Saved Radio's online streaming promos. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see DWET disambiguation. Main article: Saved Radio.

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Dj mac 106.7 energy fm

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