Install mac os yosemite on pc without mac

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How to install OS X Yosemite on your PC with "Yosemite Zone"

TransMac is a paid software, but it has a day trial solution, that give us more than enough time to move the DMG files to the USB drive from Windows. If you want to support the developer, you can purchase the full version. Remember that all the data in the USB will be erased. Make sure you take off any important documents. Right-click the TransMac software icon and Run as administrator. In the warning dialog box, click Yes. No kidding. It could take one or two hours to complete the process depending on your computer and other variables.

Update February 11, This guide has been revised to make sure it includes the latest changes. Subscribe free and never miss a tutorial Select "Daily" or "Weekly" subscription We hate spam as much as you! A trial copy of the TransMac software. Open Command Prompt with administrative permissions.

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Windows 10 version , April Update: How to see Chrome web activities in Timeline on Windows About half way through the installation I get that error. I get the error that says Still waiting on root device. I assume that has something to do with the USB. How do I get past that? When I start up my mac I press down the option key and select my usb drive to install el capitan but after some time it shows the apple logo with the progress bar and some black lines along with some codes written in it… Is this the correct way to install or not …..?????

RaseOnePowerState etc. Dear Mukhtar Jafari Can we make a bootable usb on Transmac without registration. This can effect on my process or not.? No dear, It will not effect you can use it for Days for free after that it requires registration. I succefull create usb boot loader, but when i try to load EL Pwn after 5 minutes the PC reboot alone. Do you want to continue anyway? The image size is only 6. Now Continue anyway to complete the restoring process.

How to check it that is work properly before i proceed? Or am i make mistakes? Please make it step by step. Here you go: You can search on our website. Just search install macos sierra on vmware and you get the link in the article. This article is listed on sidebar as well. At the end of restore, it will create a partition of Mb, but nothing found in it. I try to boot from USB, it is giving error ad saying press any key to reboot the system.

Things to know before proceeding

Thanks Faiz. Successfully created the bootable USB. SMC mode check failed….. Kernel Extension in backtrace com. AppleSMC 3. I tried to find the installESD. Please help me. Hey, No need to Extract it. Just use the El Pwn Version. Its downloading with browser and after sometime it gets session timeout. I tried 5 times and transmac does not make a booteable USB.. I have aacer aspire with intel centrino 4th series mobile chipset family 3 GB ram… I created this bootable usb and configured the bios but still the usb boot is skipped.

How do I slove this? Will Mac os El capitan run on my device? And what about bootloader… is it required? It depends on the parts of PC, but mostly Intel-based system works. Again if you have AMD you can give a try it might work. It not so clear. Will this only restore Apple computers that originally came with El Capitan like the gray restore discs? Or will it work with any macintosh? Dear I have Lenovo E intel 3.

I have configured the bios accordingly but still not working. Check out this article dear Ibrahim https: How create bootable? What i did wrong? I think you are right now just try to boot with the Bootable USB. Try to boot with the USB Installer and before that apply this recommended settings.

Or you can also try the UBibeast way also. Load Optimized Defaults 2: If your system has CFG-Lock, disable it 7: If your system has Secure Boot Mode, disable it 8: Save and exit. Hello Guys! Let me know whether more details are needed for this case. When i boot in the usb drive through boot menu,nothing happens it just skips and open the windows that i have. This is because of your flash.

It may not be bootable or has any other problem. Just try with another flash. Let us know!

How to quickly make a Mac OS X bootable USB on Windows

I want to install el captain but when I boot dmg file using transmac after boot pendrive convert in three part one unallocated one about mb and one unnamed drive which not appear. Help i accedentally deleted the boot parition when i was trying to install windows 10 but i didnt understand and i messed up does this works if i use transmac to create a bootable usb and use it to make recocery but tapping option and selet the usb??? If you want to create bootable USB for Windows 10 then use this guide: First of all, This is a great article. Is Installing dual operating systems will affects my current PC performance?

No dear, if you failed to dual boot then after install windows 10 back, you get the same performance. Also, depends on the drivers, it must be installed to have an excellent performance. I managed to get into the bootscreen of apple logo, after going through half line, then it stopped working and showing a stop sign a circle with cross in the center. Currently, we have no solution to fix it but I recommend you to try once UniBeast also it may work.

Get help from this articles: Hi i have a problem When i finish transmac step i turn off the pc and after trying to boot in usb it said BOOT0: You need a TransMac Software. Just you need TransMac and El Capitan dmg file. For this, you need to install the clover on your HDD that mac is installed on it. Download and use Multibeast to do this. I mean install a boot loader on your HDD.

Wondering if this causes differences which results in USB error as mentioned in the installation article. I have problem with installing El Capitan from bootable usb..

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After this, please Comment us the Related article about your problem. I have the same issue here, but why connecting this to the tv? And what is the next step if it works? Thank in advance! Hi Dear Mukhtar: Because it is not able to resume for second time. Would you please check it?

IF again you did not do that, let us know. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Choose Restore with Disk Image. Share Share. Prev Article. Next Article. Mukhtar Jafari. Faiz Orz.

How to install Mac OS X yosemite 10.10 on PC from usb with no MAC

Format your drive with Disk Utility then try to install it. Chris Foote. Thanks for sharing your positive feedback dear Chris. Excellent very good. No, it should be at least 15 to 20 GB. The transmac is not working because the beta version are expired can you update the link. You should change the link to redirect to the official TransMac download page. Thanks for letting us know, I have updated the link. I have tried so many thanks. Did you install create bootable USB finally or No?

If no how can we help you?

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Hi faiz, can I use a memory card or dvd instead of Pendrive to boot mac. Are you want to install macOS via Memory Card? Thanks for sharing your feedback dear. I think that is there network backup? Nathan Adamson. Thanks for sharing your feedback. HP envy Windows 10 Intel core i5.

Hey dear, Please try the Unibeast way and Use the default Spacebar boot flags. When this error occurs? Muhammad Wajahat. Do you have a MacBook Pro?

install mac os yosemite on pc without mac Install mac os yosemite on pc without mac
install mac os yosemite on pc without mac Install mac os yosemite on pc without mac
install mac os yosemite on pc without mac Install mac os yosemite on pc without mac
install mac os yosemite on pc without mac Install mac os yosemite on pc without mac
install mac os yosemite on pc without mac Install mac os yosemite on pc without mac
install mac os yosemite on pc without mac Install mac os yosemite on pc without mac
install mac os yosemite on pc without mac Install mac os yosemite on pc without mac
install mac os yosemite on pc without mac Install mac os yosemite on pc without mac
Install mac os yosemite on pc without mac

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