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It always helps me edit video by adding basic effects.

Free Video Editing Software for Beginners

Its interface looks very elegant. If this is what you need, maybe it worth a shot to look at. Nice list but most of them don't run as expected. Shotcut closes frequently, KDEnlive doesn't even open a window and gives an error message after start. Blender is stable, lightning fast and can be used for nearly everything in media business Modelling, Rendering, making Games, making Movies and so on.

One recommendation: It's not just for video editing. Very promising open-source project!

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Doesn't work any more. So don't be a smart ass Dima when posting your remarks at the end of Nope, you'll have to download them via the provided links.

Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac

These are for Mac, not iOS or anything: That doesn't sound right? When did you buy your Mac? Are you using the same Apple ID? Someone else replaced the hard disc for me and reinstalled the OS from the original system disc, but I don't know if he used the same ID. I have had many more serious problems with my 24' iMac and for me it is my worst computer choice since , when I bought my first computer. From where did you downloaded iMovie and what version of OS X you have name or numeric version or both[better]?

Hasn't been in 2 years. Wtf you are talking about. Honestly, I've still yet to figure out how to get iMovie to do anything, but I haven't tested it in the past few months. I find that, for a VERY basic editor, QuickTime actually fulfills my needs, which is literally just syncing audio and footage. Just something to keep in mind for beginners looking for baby steps.

Do not get Apple made programs for your computer. Apple is making all their money from iPhones, so they've pretty much stopped making things. Adobe is pretty much taking over, so get their stuff.

Five Best Video Editors

I updated my laptop and iMovie doesn't even exist anymore You're comparing iMovie, a free video editor designed for your mom, to Adobe Premiere? How come we have to pay for iMovie now? I'm not sure quite what happened, but I know that users who buy a new Mac get a free copy of iWork and iMovie. How old is your Mac? I think those with iMovie or later are eligible to download new versions for free, but if your Mac predates this then that might be why you're now being asked to pay.

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I'm having problems uploading videos to iMovie. Any video I have on file is not an option, I was going to try loading the file to the iMovie selections but not sure that will resolve it…. Lightworks is just out for Mac users yay my windows is too slow for the program finally my mac can be put to good use. Shame on you cause I spent whole day to test all this things. I'm afraid the reality of the situation is that if you want to edit video on a Mac, you're going to have to open your wallet.

Unfortunately we at MakeUseOf can't do anything about the lack of quality free software for the Mac platform. It's not a platform where free and open source software thrives, but instead an area where top-tier creative suites dominate. If you have a pressing need for a highly capable non-linear video editor, you should consider Adobe Premier as part of their Creative Cloud suite.

This is quite expensive, but if you have a job to do then you can't go wrong. Then I realized this article was written in Imovie 13 wasn't born yet: Great article! Saw the amount of work you put into this and thought I'd just say thanks man! Very helpful.

In this category, you should find most if not all options allow for many different video and audio tracks so that you can mix many different text and graphic elements together, as well as mix multiple tracks of audio. You can also expect greater control over the video clips themselves so that you can trim clips with frame-by-frame accuracy. You may also be able to do keyframe some video clip properties.

Keyframes are an important tool for professional video editors that allow them to control a particular property of a video or audio clip over time.

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For example, you may be able to set keyframes for a video clips opacity. The same technique can be applied to audio, except instead of opacity we could manipulate the audio gain so that the volume increases over time. Video opacity, video size, video position, and audio gain are the most common properties in this category of software. Professional video editing software is not a place for new users to wander around without some training.

If you have any experience editing video, certain areas will look quite familiar while others will take some time to get used to before feeling comfortable. Professional video editing software is ideal for any editor who makes a living producing video or at least spends much of their day using the tool. Wedding videographers, production departments of big companies, corporate videographers, filmmakers, aspiring filmmakers are among the few types of users who require the best tools on the market.

Among some of the top products are Adobe Creative Suite 5. One significant difference as we get into this category is that we start to see software suites — that is, multiple software applications bundled together. For example, Adobe CS5. But the main thing to know is that as a professional video editor you deal with more than just video. Top-notch videos require top notch media photos, graphics, audio and more. In the professional video editing software category you can expect unlimited video and editing tracks, access to a cornucopia of controls, metadata and other pro tools.


For the uninitiated, metadata is additional information about media files that help editors understand the ins and outs of the media in the video production. Pro video software also contains niceties that only the pros really require. For example, an option to burn the timecode for the project into the image. This allows editors to share the video with a producer or another editor and they can make notes to exact time-synced portions of the project. There are many of these features in these professional tools, too many to cover them all.

Most long-time editors still read the trades, learn new techniques and watch for new trends all the time — take your time, be patient and get your edit on! Contributing columnist Mark Montgomery is a web content specialist and produces instructional videos for a leading web application developer. Edius 6. Apple's consumer-end video editing package is so ubiquitous that you can tell if a video has been edited with iMovie just by looking at the opening and closing screens and the type of cuts and swipes used over the course of the video.

Best video editing software for different Mac generations (a guide by me)

That said, a skilled video editor can make great looking videos with it, it's incredibly easy to use, and the drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to apply effects, titles, soundtracks, and other tweaks to your video and then sit back, preview it, and export it to burn to DVD, upload to YouTube, or save in HD for big-screen watching. Vegas Pro offers Blu-ray disc authoring, editing tools for standard def, high definition, or even 3D video, support for multi-camera video editing, and support for more audio and video formats than you could possibly need.

In addition to its video editing tools, Sony Vegas Pro also offers professional audio editing tools to match, and a drag-and-drop interface that makes getting started with the tool deceptively easy considering the power that's under the hood. Whether you prefer the newest version, Final Cut Pro X, or the previous "classic" version before Apple's many changes to the product, Final Cut Pro has been a staple in video editing for years. The tool is considered by many to be the perfect bridge between consumer-level and professional-level video editing products, thanks to its easy-to-understand interface and powerful editing tools.

Final Cut Pro has broad file format support for audio and video, multi-track editing that allows you to see all of your audio and video tracks in the same view, an media organization window that shows you all of your available video and audio clips in one view, a preview mode that lets you try your edits on for size before you commit them, a comprehensive clip manager, and more, in all resolutions, from standard def to HD and up to 4K.

AVID Media Composer is a professional-level video editing tool, and has been used to produce more than a few big box office films, as well as music videos, TV shows, commercials, and everything in between. AVID Studio on the other hand is the home and pro-sumer version of the award-winning professional product.

Both products have more than enough power to get the job done, but the one you want will depend on what you're editing video for. AVID Studio is best suited to users looking to make home videos, produce home films or independent films while getting some exposure to the professional toolset in AVID Media Composer , and need comprehensive media management and editing tools to help make their independent movies look as professional as possible. AVID Media Composer on the other hand is a video and audio editing powerhouse used for professional video production, with a feature set to match—one that includes all of the features of the other suites in the roundup.

best pro video editing software for mac 2012 Best pro video editing software for mac 2012
best pro video editing software for mac 2012 Best pro video editing software for mac 2012
best pro video editing software for mac 2012 Best pro video editing software for mac 2012
best pro video editing software for mac 2012 Best pro video editing software for mac 2012
best pro video editing software for mac 2012 Best pro video editing software for mac 2012
best pro video editing software for mac 2012 Best pro video editing software for mac 2012
best pro video editing software for mac 2012 Best pro video editing software for mac 2012
best pro video editing software for mac 2012 Best pro video editing software for mac 2012

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