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When I'm not on my laptop I use the Magic Trackpad. Works fine for what I usually want to do, but once I will get back to 3D modelling in Cheetah I'll probably get myself a proper mouse. Apr 15, Posts: Jul 23, Posts: SteelSeries Sensei. Used Razer mice before but they always had squeaky mouse wheels. Also, it's critical to buy and use SteerMouse. Do not question it. Threepwood , Jul 30, Deleted User. I am afraid dear friends that you all are wrong, the following is a combo that cant be beat: Navigating in Modeling software and Unity is smooth as butter. No I'm not a fanboy, they just really make good stuff Deleted User , Jul 30, The metal keyboard is way better for typing on than you'd think from looking at it, but they mangled the media key and function key layout, and since I use both frequently, I can't really use the keyboard.

So I'm sticking with the white pro keyboard. Eric5h5 , Jul 30, Murgilod , Jul 30, Jan 10, Posts: I'm using a cheap high-res gaming mouse: Jaimi , Jul 30, JamesLeeNZ , Jul 30, Maybe you mean TBS? Eric5h5 , Jul 31, I am da bawss.


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Jun 2, Posts: It's probably the best mouse I have ever used - and I have used over 12 different mice I actually bought a dozen of them because I am picky and OCD! I have tried this mouse on the Macbook Pro and it works perfectly too. Its got a middle mouse button and a GREAT scroll wheel that can spin forever which is great when you are reading documents that are hundreds of page or a lousy forum like this one! Its got a aggregated rating of 9. Mind you I think Logitech retired this mouse years ago although I see some shops still sell it so if you want the very best, buy it! Logitech now sell this follow-on version is called Logitech Anywhere Mouse M which looks almost identical to the VX Nano, but it is actually a little bit different - it is now a bit heavier instead of using 2 AAA batteries, it now use 2 AA.

It does seem to track better though because of better dual LED laser and sensor so it can track on almost any type of surface hence the name "Anywhere" mouse. Another advantage this mouse has over all other bluetooth mice I have used is that it doesn't take a minute to wake up - it wakes up almost instantaneously, and it rarely goes to sleep! You just have to remember NOT to use the included Logitech driver on CD - if you do you will have problems like mouse goes into sleep too early or or constantly or taking a minute to wake up.

Just pair it normally without installing the Logitech driver like a normal bluetooth device and you will be fine. Its got a aggregated rating of 8. Hope that helps! And good luck! I am da bawss , Jul 31, Jun 4, Posts: Is there something wrong using the Apple Mighty mouse?

KheltonHeadley , Jul 31, Aug 26, Posts: I've never once installed Logitech software for any reason. Anything fancy you want to do can be achieved with third-party software such as SteerMouse or ControllerMate, which have been around for a long time and are thoroughly battle-tested by now. Nov 5, Posts: Microsoft Arch Wireless Mouse, best for mobility and smoothness. MrEsquire , Jul 31, For those interested, I've got a bit of an update on the ongoing support ticket with Logitech regarding my Gs mouse details above.

Apparently the click-override issue is either specific to my mouse, or they are so desperate to not put any effort into fixing their software that they're providing me with a free upgrade to the Gs.

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The tech response is quoted below. It's a superior product to the MX They look a bit similar, and the MX makes claims concerning gaming, but they're completely different. Compare the two pages above. However, if your point is that the MX would be a better mouse for him than the MX, I could buy into that to the degree that he was not looking for some of the game-specific features found only in the latter.

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Smoke I think my point was the G5 is the better mouse for him than the MX Logitech has three products they list as "gaming mice: MX; 2. G5; 3. This is in order from lowest to highest in price and features. I actually prefer it to the G5 for normal usage. Smoke Thanks for your answers, guys. I did a fair bit of reading about mice over the weekend. Ideally I wanted a good wired mouse.

The G5 seemed a bit ott for me as I don't have any gaming in mind. The MX seems to have been discontinued.

I've ordered the MX though it hasn't shipped yet so could be cancelled. Smoke As a follow-up to the above, I thought I'd report back with a little update. They're very similar though the UI for the latter is a little friendlier.

I'd read that the latter worked fully with the MX mouse whereas USBOverdrive seemed to have issues with it, so settled with Steermouse. I finally got the mouse yesterday Amazon UK took a while to ship this and so far so good. Its looks are a matter of taste I suppose, but it seems to work well and all the buttons work and are configurable with the Steermouse drivers.

MX518 + OSX

Just as well, since Logitech don't seem anywhere near as Mac-friendly as Kensington! Beats the pants off of Logitech's software by a mile. However, the developer hasn't upgraded it for a long time, and try as I did, I couldn't get it to recognize all 7 of Logitech's buttons. I wrote Alessandro, but never did not hear back from him regarding a fix for the His site does promise a new upgrade, but that's been over a year ago.

Logitech MX works with Mac (or how I got it to)

If you love a good mouse, but were stymied by how many of them seemed to be PC only, my guess is that any mouse will now work with SteerMouse. Mac Pro 3. I have a Logitech V bluetooth using the SteerMouse software. I second the recommendation. Oops Edited 1 time s.

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